Guide to Fees

The procedure involved in carrying out a typical residential valuation involves:

  • receiving instructions and establishing the purpose of the valuation
  • obtaining a Title search
  • checking the Town Planning and zoning controls
  • checking the location
  • carrying out appropriate sales research
  • inspecting the property
  • noting construction
  • quality of fit-out
  • condition
  • measuring and calculating floor areas
  • inspecting and making comparisons with sales of other properties
  • assessing the valuation
  • preparing a written report

Report formats are in accordance with the institute regulations and as preferred by banks and other lending institutions.

Fees are charged on a time and expenses basis. In general, larger more expensive houses incur a higher fee. A discount normally applies for a referral or an update of a previous valuation carried out by Lyons & Co Valuers Limited.

If you require a valuation please call us on (09) 448 5750 or fill out our online application.